Saturday, April 08, 2006

my latest painting

this is my latest painting, im a little bit upset bcause the picture didnt show up while im writing this text so im kinda "clueless" in predicting how the picture will appeare? Or will it appeare?

this is my final work for the "a candid view toward a genuine profile" serial. I plan to explore my technic and concept in my next painting, so wish me luck!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"restART", a young artist collective/community

Many things happened through latest crazy moments. But the most important things is i've formed an artist collective with my 3 others young painter who lived in Bandung and study together at ITB's Painting Studio, all are best friends of mine. I've managed all of our community programs. Started with our community's name till how we try to unify our visions in art .

We named our community "restART", the term made based on our approach in making painting. All of us like to use parody and sarcastic allegory in painting, sometimes we mocking certain actual issues that we figured out through our works. We consider our latest works as a fresh approach and vision in painting (sounds over confidented! Ha ha), a counterpart toward a poetic approach in painting.

To be continued... (cutted by responsibility to finished my final project!)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Curatorial Workshop with Malcolm Smith

Tomorrow i will participate a curatorial workshop with Malcolm Smith, a curator from Australia. This program is held by Asia Link in cooperation with Kelola Foundation. The workshop is gonna take place in The Village, Bogor, but all participant must arrive @ 12 pm in Kelola Foundation office in Jakarta tomorrow, and we'll go to The Village @ 3 pm from there. Actually i've never been know about the schedule in detail until now, but the workshop will be finished on September 1st, thats for sure.

Each participant has their own concept to discuss in the workshop, and mine is about an attempt to make a comprehensive discourse among painting and new media, especially in Indonesia. I feel its important because i'm considering about how this "contemporary" symtomp (new media art) should not be only become an antithesis that encounters painting, but i'm trying to analize the possibilities about how new media art could improve the existance of painting, or somehow stimulate it. I inspired by historical notes about how the invention of Camera Obscura stimulates the emerge of Abstract Painting.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

My other paintings

These are my other painting, all made with acrylic on canvas, actualy the recent painting are both which has a black colour backgruond. In my recent painting i try to not eliminate the narative aspect of my painting.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

my artworks

These are my artworks, both are watercolour on paper. The concept of my artworks really inspired by "theory of representation". The thoughs spoken by Derrida, Hegel and Plato about how things exist in our world are very interesting for me. Essentialy, I've found that they theory could explained a broader context such as the distinction among "east and west" matters, that is why i used appropiated images which belong to east (China-avant garde artist) and west artist (rennaissance artist) in each of these paintings.
I finished these artworks last year, recently i have another two acrylic paintings done on last month, maybe i'll post them later. I would like to discuss about my concept with anyone who might be interested to elaborate it, as usual, question and comments are welcome at:

PS: The displayed artworks have already collected by the owner of : "Koong Gallery", Jakarta



Friday, July 29, 2005

Pada titik berlatar pendar
Bersapa riuh rendah cahaya
Retas darahku menjauh hangat
Mendekap amsal

Disuguhi sulaman lampu kota yang berbaris tak tentu bagai taburan manikam

Ranah hasratku kini memundak tabu
Kan selalu maru....

In the deep-dark-blue...

I really want to disappeare tonight...