Tuesday, August 02, 2005

my artworks

These are my artworks, both are watercolour on paper. The concept of my artworks really inspired by "theory of representation". The thoughs spoken by Derrida, Hegel and Plato about how things exist in our world are very interesting for me. Essentialy, I've found that they theory could explained a broader context such as the distinction among "east and west" matters, that is why i used appropiated images which belong to east (China-avant garde artist) and west artist (rennaissance artist) in each of these paintings.
I finished these artworks last year, recently i have another two acrylic paintings done on last month, maybe i'll post them later. I would like to discuss about my concept with anyone who might be interested to elaborate it, as usual, question and comments are welcome at: ciptagupta@yahoo.com

PS: The displayed artworks have already collected by the owner of : "Koong Gallery", Jakarta




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