Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"restART", a young artist collective/community

Many things happened through latest crazy moments. But the most important things is i've formed an artist collective with my 3 others young painter who lived in Bandung and study together at ITB's Painting Studio, all are best friends of mine. I've managed all of our community programs. Started with our community's name till how we try to unify our visions in art .

We named our community "restART", the term made based on our approach in making painting. All of us like to use parody and sarcastic allegory in painting, sometimes we mocking certain actual issues that we figured out through our works. We consider our latest works as a fresh approach and vision in painting (sounds over confidented! Ha ha), a counterpart toward a poetic approach in painting.

To be continued... (cutted by responsibility to finished my final project!)